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broken spring repair

Every single part of a garage door has its own purpose and if one part is not functioning properly, it affects the overall operation of the garage door. If any of the garage door parts is damaged or faulty it should be repaired in good time to avoid more damages to the other parts or the whole door. The work of the torsion spring is to carry the weight of the garage door when opening and closing. You should always take care of the spring through thorough time to time inspection and effective maintenance practices. The garage door torsion spring has a predetermined lifespan and it will break at its optimum use. Each time you use the garage door the spring wears and tears out and eventually will break. To prolong the lifespan of the spring, you should avoid unnecessary opening of the garage, keep the opener control remote or the opening button out of reach of kids and prevent the kids from playing with the garage door.It is also advisable to grease the spring coils to prevent rusting which causes the spring to break. If you have issue with the torsion spring, please visit Ronkonkoma garage door repair in NY and we will sort you out comprehensively. Contact us for any garage door issue and visit our coupon page to learn more about our discount offers.